What can online marketplaces do for your brand?
Posted by Dilan S on 06 September 2014 07:09 AM

Digital advertising is an ever-evolving area in which online consumers seem to have found their paradise. Indeed, a growing number of companies are now turning to internet in order to gain a greater market reach and increase their companies’ benefits. The boom of Social Media sites in the past 10 years made it clear that online consumers expect from brands to add a social dimension to their marketing: they want to be heard by the brands they shop and they want to interact with them through entertaining exchanges. The challenge of companies today is to communicate properly with their customers in this new era of internet called web 2.0.

The way social media sites are transforming our communication patterns sets new standards for advertisers. Indeed, consumers are well aware of advertising in their day-to-day life and change the channels when they see TV ads, flip through the magazine pages when they see advertising and turn the volume down when they hear radio ads. Online marketplaces are new venues for companies to grab and keep the attention of potential and existing customers. The advertising spaces online marketplaces offer is not as clearly defined as in traditional media: some promotional content such as article marketing can be shared by users with their friends, where they find that it is important to share the content for its value despite the fact that the person who will have written this article will have clearly put forward his company’s URL at the bottom of the article.

The same goes for social networks advertising where ads appear in interactive ways: an eye-catchy image (Facebook) or a shortened URL (Twitter). Such online marketplaces allow businesses to grow by forcing them to be concise and creative in their advertising, which is what the new generation of online consumers is expecting from brands. On these new types of online marketplaces, they do not want to feel that they are being caught in more commercial pitch; they want to feel that they are interacting with a brand in an entertaining and engaging way.

Using online marketplaces to generate income and buzz around a brand has two clear benefits: it is an economic advertising solution and it is immediately measurable.

· Online marketplaces are inexpensive: Contrary to traditional media that generally justify its expensive fees by its large circulation numbers (TV, radio and newspaper reach out to millions of people simultaneously every day), the cost of advertising on online marketplaces is extremely affordable. From a couple of dollars and up, the reach for a small business owner in online marketplaces is far more interesting than on traditional media. When done properly, a marketing campaign can go viral and the message of a small business can be broadcasted to thousands of online visitors in a matter of hours.

· Online marketplaces are ROI friendly: Traditional media advertising departments often simply drop figures on the target market they are reaching. It is rather unlikely that they can dig in this target market beyond the average age, revenue and occupation of their readers. Online marketplaces marketing campaigns allow real-time interactions which can be tracked per the hour and summarized every few weeks in order to be optimized for better sales. Where traditional media advertising has delayed return – if return at all – online marketplaces allow brands the tracking, measurement and analyze of their online campaign’s return on investment (ROI) in real time.

Internet is being redefined every day and the way companies interact with their customers just started to become more interactive. With social media sites being new venues for advertisers, there is no doubt that skilled and committed brands will continue to turn to online marketplaces as a crucial aspect of their marketing plans.

Non-social media online marketplaces include Amazon, ClickBank and more.
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